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Updated February 8, 2016

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Counselling & Mediation

mediators, private counsellors, hypnotherapy, hypnosis, psychologists, psychotherapist, family counselling, men’s counselling and alcohol rehabilitation in Powell River

About Hearing Loss

To understand hearing loss it is important to understand how normal hearing takes place. Two pathways create sound waves that  produce the sensation of hearing….. Read more at E Medicine Health

Beltone Hearing Care Center Crossroads Village 102-4801 Joyce Ave Powell River V8A 3B7 604 485 0597  Email Connect Hearing #32, Town Centre Mall 604 485 3028   Weekdays 9-5 Powell River Optometry Clinic #106, Crossroads Village Joyce & Alberni Powell River BC V8A 3B7   604 485 7115  Email Iris, the Visual Group Town Centre Mall 604 485 9737  Email

Dentists & Denture Services

Business listings for denturist, dentures, denture services, oral surgery, dental surgery, teeth cleaning, braces, orthodontics, orthodontist, dental specialist

Regular Dental Checkups are Important to Children

Regular dental
checkups are
essential to providing
your children with
good oral hygiene and help them to have healthy teeth as adults.

Keep reading....

Top 4 Reasons to Have an Eye Exam

....if you spend more than 2 hours daily on a computer you may develop CVS...

read the article here....

Doctors - Physicians & Surgeons

If you do not have a family doctor try using the search function on the College of Physicians and Surgeons OR call the Community Health Centre at 604 485 3310

Hearing Clinics

Business listings for hearing aids, hearing tests and checkups in Powell River


eye exams, prescription glasses, eyewear, contact lenses, sunglasses

Check prescriptions for possible drug-to-drug interactions as well as interactions with food and herbs

Read more…

Drug Interaction Checker



Sid Edwards 4695A Marine Powell River V8A 3A6 604 485 4240 Powell River Denture Clinic 7075 Alberni St Powell River V8A 3A6 604 485 7654  Email


Medical Clinics

Individual Doctors


Hearing Clinics


Medical Professionals

in Powell River and Texada Island

Counselling Dentists & Denturists Doctors Hearing ClinicsMidwivesOptometrists

Denture Services


Licensed in BC for home or hospital delivery and postpartum; covered by MSP

Ten Moons Midwifery Clinic Elisha Manson & Sheena Nordman 604 414 0085 Fax  604 414 0881  Email


Health Benefits of Humour
and Laughter

Humour and laughter strengthen your immune system and protect you from the damaging effects of stress. Best of all, this priceless medicine is fun, free, and easy to use.

continue reading....

Family Tree Health

7019 Alberni St
Powell River V8A 2C2

604 485 9213

Hocking, Dr. Deborah

May, Dr. David

Burechailo, Dr. Leta

Morwood, Dr.

Marine Medical Building

4539 Marine Avenue
Powell River V8A 2K5

Walk-in Mon-Thur 2:30 - 4:30


Dohm, Dr. Brigitte 485.7222

DuToit, Dr. Jacques 485.2430

Rossouw, Dr. Pieter 485.4877

White, Dr. Nicholas 485.9200

PR Internal Medicine

4675 Marine, #106

(behind MLA's office)

604 485 5340


Hoffert, Dr. Blake

Takhar, Dr. Sneeta

Uhlmann, Dr. Sasha

The Medical Associates

4794 Joyce & Alberni
Powell River V8A 3B6   
604 485 6261

Doctor Profiles

Black, Dr. Kevin

2814 Sanderson, Gilles Bay

Claasen, Dr. Peter
102-4675 Marine
250 703 2055 (Courtney)

Du Plessis, Dr. Pierre

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
6962 Alberni Street
604 485 7779

Hobson, Dr. Bruce (retired)

Maguire, Dr. Anna-May

4524 Joyce Avenue
604 485 9866

Makarewicz, Dr. Pawel

6935 Harvie Avenue

Mann, Dr. D.

Sports Medicine
Westview Physiotherapy
4794 Joyce Ave

604 485 4439

McBride, Dr. Thomas W.

7019 Alberni Street

Schellenberg, Dr. Edward

3676 Joyce Ave


Strickland-Clark, Dr. Lisa

Registered Psychologist

201A - 7373 Duncan

604 485 2511  Email

Symonds, Dr. B.

6935 Harvie Avenue

West, Dr. R.D.


4536 Willingdon


Berghauser and Associates Counselling Services  

604 223 2717  Email  

Bourguignon, Deanne M.A.

Registered Clinical Counselor

604 414 9956   Email

Chris Drummond
Counselling Services

4536 Willingdon Avenue

Powell River, BC V8A 2M8

604 483 6337 Emai

Ferguson, Frances, M.eD

4536 Willingdon Ave

Powell River V8A 2M8

604 485 7303   Email

McIssac Couselling

4536 Willingdon Ave

Powell River, V8A 2M8

604 414 7072    Hrs: M-F,  9-5

Piche, Marie-Josee

604 485 8041

Schellenberg, Dr. Edward

Psychotherapist, Clinical Counsellor

604 377 9030   Email

Seasons Counselling
 & Consulting Services

5880 Mowat Ave

Powell River V8A 4C3

604 414 3301

Strickland-Clark, Dr. Lisa

Registered Psychologist

3993 Lytton Ave, Powell River

604 485 2511   Email

Sunshine Coast Health Centre

2174 Fleury Road

Powell River, V8A 4Z2

1 866 487 9010  

604 487 9050   Email

Sunshine Mental Health

Dr. Stephanie Kovacs

Registered Psychologist
4794 Joyce, Powell River V8A 3B6

604 414 7654

Dentists & Denture Services