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Updated February 8, 2016

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View from the ferry on the way to Saltery Bay

Real Estate Agencies &  Services

in Powell River & Savary Island

Appraisals & InspectionsLeasing & Rentals

Real Estate Agencies

Business listings for real property, property purchase, house sales, homes for sale

Real Estate Appraisals, Inspections & Surveys

house appraisals, property appraisals, house inspections and infrared thermograph surveys

Leasing, Rentals & Property Management

Business listings for commercial leasing, mobile home parks, rentals, apartments

Accurate Location Surveys 6142 Lois St, Powell River V8A 4V1 604 483 3680 Emery and Rae Land Surveying Ltd 4507 Manson Ave Powell River V8A 3N3 604 485 4203 Open Weekdays 8 - 5 Darick Holler Home Inspections 604 483 1090  Emaill

Real Estate Agencies

Appraisals, Inspections & Surveys for real estate in Powell River

Leasing, Rentals & Property Management

Apartment Rentals

Arbutus Apartments

5868 Arbutus Ave

Powell River V8A 4S1

604 483 3006

Barnet Plaza Apartments

Town Centre Plaza

604 485 4681   Email

Glacier Apartments

7080 Glacier St

Powell River V8A 1R7

604 485 2662

Sunset Vistas

6879 Alberni St

Powell River V8A 2R3   

Office: 604 414 8419
Cell: 604 223 1401

Town Centre Court

Town Centre Plaza

604 485 4681   Email

Villa Anna Apts
(Senior Residence)

4465 Michigan St

Powell River V8A 2R3

604 485 1222

Crossroads Village Shopping Centre

Futurevest Investments Corporation

4801 Joyce Ave, Powell River V8A 3B7

Cell: 604 414 8818  Email

Town Centre

Western Mortgage (Realty) Corp

604 738 1111  

Cell: 604 313 5326  Email

Powell River Town Centre Mall

7100 Alberni Street

Powell River V8A 5K9

604.485.4681  Email

7 gardens walled in beach rocks forming a spiral around a fountain

Blue Mountain Mobile Home Park

7575 Duncan St

Powell River V8A 5L1

604 485 5644

Property Management

Ross Cooper  Current Rentals

Office:  604 485 2741

Chris Carlos:

Cell: 604 344 0179   Email