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A cross-section of fun facts and resource links posted on pages throughout Powell River Direct and listed here by subject for reference and convenience.

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Agriculture & Gardening
Comic style photo gallery providing instructions on how to identify bugs by City Farmer
Step by step photo instruction by City Farmer
Society that certifies all of the province’s organic handlers and processors.  
Storing Carrots
An interesting article on Powell River Blogspot..
Arts & Culture
President Heads still hold the record
The Government of Canada provides a calculator and tips to help decide.
An Internet guide to Canadian TV websites with direct links, shows lists and reviews.
Canadian Government offers tips and calculators to aid financial decisions.
General Knowledge
Weird Plants
Pictures and text at BogLeech.com
Home & Family
Step by step photo instruction
Links to popular, family oriented websites courtesy of Powell River Public Library
Page by Page Books
free online books without registration or fees.
Shelf life of a hard boiled egg is one week.
Ombudsman - 1 800 567 3247
Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia
700-808 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, British Columbia  V6C 3L3
Ph: 604.660.4444   Fax: 604.660.0374
Regular Hours: 8:30 to 4:30 Weekdays
Powell River
There are over 50 annual events in Powell River to entertain the community as well as visitors. See what and when...
Sports & Recreation
BridgeOnline - Free  (Requires Download)
Crib Games
The odds of being dealt a Perfect Hand of 29 points while playing against a single opponent are 1 in 216,580 American Cribbage Congress
Read more fun facts and stories at
Cribbage Corner.
Dart Game Perfection by Wikipedia
Fly Fishing Powell River a Blog by TBAR
Hiking Trails (Discover Powell River)
Hiking Trails (Trail Peak.com)
Transportation & Travel

The distance around the world is 40,076 km or 24,902.13 miles


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