Powell River Events: photo albums of Sea Fair, Studio Tour & More

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Powell River Events

Other communities are isolated, but few have as many diverse festivals and events as we do here in the Powell River region. It could be the isolation or just a population that is community minded. Either way, in addition to numerous events in any given month, there are over 30 events that happen year after year with many that have been part of the community since the middle of the last century.

Not to brag (ok, I’m bragging), but for a relatively small community we are truly blessed to have the facilities to showcase all the arts and we do it in a big way. There is the annual
Film Festival held at the Patricia Theatre in February, PRISMA held in the Evergreen Theatre and numerous events held in the
Max Cameron Theatre, including big screen opera, musical groups and ballet. And then there is the Academy of Music that puts on concerts through the winter months as well as dance recitals throughout the year.