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Personal Care Products & Services

Hair & Beauty - Clothing & Jewellery in Powell River

Hair & Beauty Services and Products

Business listings for barbers, barber shops, beauty salons, beauty parlours, hair salons, hair cuts, spas, spa, personal care products, personal services, piercing, waxing, nail care, manicurist, esthetics, men’s haircuts, shaving service, tanning, tattoo

Toronto Hair Competition

Hair & Beauty

Clothing, Jewellery Repair and Services

Business listings for alterations, dressmaking, glasses repair, shoe repair, dry cleaner, drycleaners, laundromat, laundry, jewelry cleaning, jewellery repair, watch repair

After Glow Hair Lounge

2nd Floor, Crossroads Village

beside Simply Bronze Tanning Studio

604 485 2075    

Beyond Bliss Salon*Spa

4555 Marine Ave

Powell River V8A 2K5

604 485 9521  

Cranberry Barber Shop

6762B Cranberry St

Powell River V8A 3Z4

604 483 4844

Cream & Sugar Nail & Body Bar

Pacific Breeze Tanning Studio

Phoenix Centre, Duncan & Joyce

101, 7020 Duncan St

Powell River V8A 1V9

604 485 7873

Darcy Best - Independent Younique Presenter  

Image 1 Salon & Spa

Crossroads Village

110-4871 Joyce Avenue

604 485 9410  

Marine Cutz Barber Shop

4561 Marine Ave

Powell River V8A 2N9

Hours: Mon-Sat 9-5

Pacific Breeze Tanning Studio

Phoenix Centre, Duncan & Joyce

101, 7020 Duncan St
Powell River V8A 1V9

604 485 7873   

Powell River Tattoo Company

4707 Marine Avenue, Powell River

604 485 4632

Simply Bronze

Crossroads Village above the Library

216, 4801 Joyce Ave

604 485 5225   

Studio 101

4794 Joyce Avenue

Powell River V8A 2N5

604 485 5600   

The Cut Hairstyling

4660 Marine Ave

Powell River V8A 2N5

604 485 6412

Urban Roots Hair Salon

9398 Highway 101

(next to Skeeter Jacks)

604 487 4000

Tue-Fri 9:30 - 5; Sat 10 - 4

2 Billion Dollar Diamond

Discovered in 1905 the diamond was gifted to

King Edward VII.