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Updated February 8, 2016

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Art Galleries & Stores

Galleries that represent artists; stores that primarily sell art or products crafted by artisans.

Art Galleries, Stores & Studio’s

in Powell River, Texada Island, Lund & Savary Island

Artist and Artisan Studio’s open to the public

Artist & Artisan Studios

in Powell River, Texada Island & Lund

Art Galleries

Artique Artist Co-op Gallery

4722 Marine Ave

Powell River V8A 2N4

604 485 4837

Fine Arts Association, Powell River

5395 Timberlane

Powell River V8A 3Y9

604 483 3856   

Holtenwood Gallery & Cafe Casita
112 Blubber Bay Road
PO Box 129

Blubber Bay, V0N 1E0

604 715 3461   

Mon-Sun 10-5; closed Wed

Lynda's Quality Ceramics

4617B McLeod Road

Powell River V8A 0T1   

604 485 6462

Open Weekdays 10 - 3 (closed 1 - 2)

Evenings 7 - 10 Mon to Thur ; Sat 1 - 4

Skylight Art Studio & Supplies

4482 Marine Avenue

Powell River V8A 2K2

604 413 1452   

Tug-guhm Gallery

Debra Bevaart, Owner & Artist
Lower level Lund Hotel

604 414 0474   

Wind Spirit Gallery

April White, Owner & Artist

4643 Marine Ave

Powell River V8A 2K8

604 485 7572   

Among Friends Studio

Alfred Muma
2632 Maywood Rd

Powell River V8A 4Z2

604 487 1766   

by appointment

Crystal Magic Designs

Amanda Martinson   
4830 Wall St.
Vananda, Texada Island

Down to Earth Clayworks

2107B Mahood Rd

Powell River V8A 5C1

604 487 0970    

Wed-Fri 10-6  Sat-Sun 12-5

Rare Earth Pottery

Box 91, Lund  V0N 2G0

9644 Quarry Place

604 483 4806   

July-Aug,Tue-Sun 11-5
or by appointment

Studio on Dogwood

O.C. (Doby) Dobrostanski

3502 Dogwood St

Gillies Bay V0N 1W0

604 486 0334   

Timothy Atwood, Studio at Fry Pan Lane

3221 Fry Pan Lane, Van Anda, V0N 3K0

604 483 8008