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Updated February 8, 2016

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Fabrication & Welding Services

Business listings for welders, sheet metal, mechanical services, fabricators, machining

Manufacturing, Supply & Industrial Services

 in Powell River, Texada Island & Lund

Industrial ServicesManufacturers •  QuarriesSawmills

Industrial Services

Business listings for scaffolding, equipment rental, machining, large equipment repair, fabrication, welding, cranes hoists & rigging contractors, hoisting & rigging equipment, sandblasting, steam cleaning, pressure cleaning, high pressure abrasive blasting, coating applications

Manufacturing Companies

Business listings for paper mill, windows, siding, hydro generation, electric generation, hydro electric generation, cabinet manufacturer, furniture manufacturer, shingle and shake manufacturer, fabric supplies, industrial machinery, export, floor manufacturer

Wind Chime

Metal Artist George Chanig

Texada Island Quarries

Business listings for quarry, limestone, granite, cement


lumber production, sawn lumber, shakes & shingles manufacturing, wholesale lumber, retail lumber

Fabrication & Welding

Industrial Services

Manufacturing Companies



Providing Professional Health & Safety Services
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Best Yet Traffic Control

5654 Allen Ave

Powell River V8A 4J1

604 483 3412

Capilano Highway Services

7173 Alberni St

Powell River V8A 2C7

604 485 9373

Shop: 485 9860

Fort Willys Contracting

604 487 1337

Geometric Scaffolding

4520B Franklin St

Powell River V8A 3E3

604 485 8361

Kerr Technical Services Inc

6771 Drake St

Powell River V8A 3X8

604 414 0050  

MacIntosh & Norman

4520B Franklin Ave

Powell River V8A 3E3

604 485 9342 or

604 485 7959  

Okeover Services Ltd.

604 483 1821  

P.R.I.S.M. Contracting Inc.

2812 McCausland Rd.
Powell River, BC V8A 0S2

Red Dragon Machining

2624 Zillinsky Rd

604 487 0640

Select Safety Services Ltd.

Onsite Health & Safety Services

604 483 1613 - Powell River

250 641 9489 - Terrace

Shearwater Rentals & Sales

4520 Franklin Ave

Powell River V8A 5B5

604 485 9899

WD Mobile Services

Warren Duff

604 483 6676  

Westcoast Industrial  Maintenance

4520 Franklin St, Powell River V8A 3E3

604 483 6202  

Goat Lake Forest Products

Shakes & Shingles

Residential & Wholesale
Mill: 2430 Dixon Road  MAP
Bill: 604 487 4266 ext. 223  

Lois Lumber Ltd.

Residential & Wholesale

Cedar Products
2430 Dixon Road  MAP
Mike: 604 487 4266 ext. 224  

Powell River Forest Products

2310 Stillwater Main
604 487 1172