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Updated February 8, 2016

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Local Publications

newspapers, magazines, newsletters and tourist guide in Powell River,
Texada Island, Savary Island and Lund

 Radio & TelevisionTelephone Providers •  Video, Film & Photography

Radio & Television

Business listings for public and community radio and television stations

Telephone & Mobile (cell) Phone Providers

Video, Film & Photography Services

video and film productions, photo processing, professional photographers, digital media, recording studio

The Future of Cell Phones

Las Vegas 2010 Tech Show


Community Radio is – by its nature and mandate – a place where so-called ‘marginal’ ideas and arts will naturally find a place to express themselves, within the limits of the law and good sense.

Get Involved!

Using Your Camcorder

Many first time camcorder users make mistakes that make their video for the most part unwatchable.

Here are some basic camcorder shooting tips that can help you shoot fantastic videos every time you take out your camcorder.
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Radio & Television



Lund Barnacle

Powell River Living

7053-E Glacier St

Powell River V8A  5J7

604 485 0003  

Powell River Peak Publishing

4400 Marine Ave

Powell River V8A 2K1

604 485 5313   Contacts

Communications & Media

101.3 FM VOAR Christian Radio

Alicia Baas Photography

604 414 4362  

Beauty & Bliss Photography

604 223 3641  

Darren Robinson Photography

604 485 4427  Cell: 414 8224  

Great Batch Fine Photography

2556 Phillips Rd

Powell River V8A 5C1

604 487 1116

Hindles Camera & Stationery

4721 Marine Ave

Powell River V8A 2L2

604 485 4820

Jeremy Williams Photography

604 487 0717  

Lens to Screen

7304 Huntingdon

Powell River V8A 1P4

604 485 9282

Low Key Studio

5869 Skeena Street

Powell River V8A 4V5

604 483 2296   

Moxie Concepts

604 223 1459  

Mother Nature in Focus

Gerry Chabot
604 487 9100   

Omnibus Design

604 487 0515

P & R Photographic  Services

Tim Poole

604 487 0074

Giovanni Spezzacatena

604 485 7940  

Robert Colasanto
 Photographic Services

604 483 4409    

Sea Panda Productions


Strait Talk Computing

604 483 4409  


Town Centre Mall

604 485 9811
Mon-Sat: 9-9; Sun:10-9