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Updated February 8, 2016

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General Services

in Powell River & Lund

Environmental, Recycling & DisposalEquipment & Party Rental

Printing& Publishing ServicesOther Speciality Services

Are you looking for Halls for Rent or Interpreters?

Employment & Training

Business listings for unemployment assistance, job preparation, job training, workshops, translation,
self-employment, safety, first aid, consulting

Environmental, Recycling & Disposal Services

Business listings for air quality services, green (ecco) solutions, recycle, bottle depot, electronic disposal, computer recycling, garbage dump, oil tank removal

How to Find a Job

Ttips on where to begin the search.

Read the article on


Equipment & Party Rental

equipment rental, gardening equipment rental, scaffolding, building equipment rental, party rental

Camera-ready Copy is a common term used in the commercial printing industry meaning that a document is, from a technical standpoint, ready to "go to press," or be printed....image types are  EPS, PDF and sometimes TIFF. JPEG images are usually considered not camera-ready...


Renting Equipment
Saves $’s

If you are using equipment less than 70% of the time then it may be worthwhile to rent rather than buy. Read the article on

Extreme How-To.com

Printing & Publishing Services

Business listings for copying and printing including giclee and book binding

Other Speciality Services

Business listings for funeral home, musical instrument repair, office organization, sewing services

Are you looking for photographers & video services?

Employment & Training

Recycling & Disposal

Equipment & Party Rental

Printing & Publishing

Brooks Outdoor Adventure Tourism Training Program

Register: Jim Palm

604 483 3171

Career Link

#103-4511 Marine

Powell River V8A 2K5

604 485 7958   

Community Futures

2nd Floor, 4717 Marine Ave

Powell River V8A 2L2

604 485 7901    

Community Resource Centre

4752 Joyce Ave,

Powell River V8A 3B6

(across from First Credit Union)

604 485 0992   

Head to Toe First Aid Training

4891 Bowness Ave (at Queens)
Powell River V8A 3S6

Greg Laureta
604 414 8119   

Powell River Driving School


Safenet Consultant

3998 Marine Ave

Powell River V8A 2S2

604 485 9361   

St. John’s Ambulance Brigade

Training Online

(WHMIS, TDG, FoodSafety)
5907 Arbutus St

Powell River V8A 4S2

604 483 2250

Terracentric Coastal Adventures Ltd

PO Box 146, Lund, BC V0N 2G0

604 483 7900   

CMG Printing

4691 Marine Ave

604 489 0133  

Crisp Office Solutions

#18 4312 Franklin Ave
Powell River V8A 3E2

604 485 5522   

(C) 604.344.2074

Data Power

7304 Huntingdon

Powell River V8A 1P4

604 485 9282

Powell River Books

#302, 4511 Marine Avenue
Powell River V8A 2K5

604 483 1704   

Quick as a Wink Printing  

7149 Barnet St.

Powell River V8A 1Z9

604 485 5813   

Robert Colasanto   

604 483 4409  

Saturna Music Publishing

6765 Klahanie Dr

604 414 6851  

Staples Powell River

Town Centre

4730 Joyce Ave,

Powell River V8A 3B6

604 485 3560

Works Consulting

3771 Selkirk Ave

Powell River V8A 3C2

604 485 8381   

Other Speciality Services

Augusta Recyclers

7346 Highway 101

604 485 4072

Hrs: Mon-Sat 8 to 5


4726 Marine Ave

Powell River  V8A 2L4

604 485 7000  

EcoTerra Developers Ltd

604 483 9560  

Green Air Systems

604 414 6115  

Powell River Eco Logic Inc

5830 Nass Street

Powell River V8A 4V4

604 483 2308  

Open Mon to Fri 8:30 - 4:30

Rivercity Mini Excavating

PO Box 369,

Powell River V8A 5V2

604 414 8450

Sunset Coast Bottle Depot

7564A Highway 101

604 485 7743

Sunshine Disposal and Recycling

4484 Franklin Ave

Powell River V8A 3E3

604 485 0167

Zero Waste Guide