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View from the ferry
 on the way to Saltery Bay

Canadian Martial Arts Academy

4493 Marine Ave

Powell River V8A 2V6

Frank Clayton 604 485 8255  Email

Myrtle Point Golf Club

McCausland Rd, Powell River
604 487 4653  Email

Otago Rugby Football

6821 Church Street

Powell River V8A 3X2

604 483 3939  Email

Curling Club Powell River

5750 Crown Ave

Powell River V8A 4B3

604 483 9551  Email

Powell River Gymnastics Society

7039 Field Street

Powell River V8A 0A1

604 485 0520  Emai

Powell River Kings Hockey Team

Recreation Complex

5001 Joyce Ave

Powell River V8A 1V4

604 485 7550

Rod & Gun Club, Powell River

3300 Rifle Range Road

Powell River V8A 4Z5 (off Hwy 101)


Recreation Complex

5001 Joyce Ave

Powell River V8A 1V4

604 485 2891  Contacts

Regals Hockey Club

Recreation Complex
5001 Joyce Ave

Powell River V8A 1V4

604 485 9748  Contacts

Westview Flying Club

7508 Duncan Street (airport)

604 485 6916  Email

Sport Businesses & Organizations

In Powell River for diving, snowshoes, canoe & kayak rentals, retail sports, ATV, marine

Sports & Recreation

 in Powell River, Texada Island & Lund