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Financial Services

In Powell River

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

accountants (CGA & chartered), bookkeepers, income tax services

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A D Computer
& Accounting Services

4561 Marine Ave

Powell River BC V8A 2K5
604 485 9420   Email

Banking On It Bookkeeping

7085 Tahsis,

Powell River, BC  V8A 1G4

604 485 3758 Cell: 414   Email

Byte Size Tax Shop

Town Centre Mall

604 485 7009

CA’s Bookkeeping

4466 Marine Ave

Powell River  V8A 2N3  
604 485 2500

Del Mistro Dunn
Chartered Accountants

#201-7385 Duncan St
Powell River,  V8A 1W6
604 485 2726  Contacts

Duke and Co

4548 Marine Ave

Powell River  V8A 2K4  
604 485 2415

Great Owl Bookkeeping

3864 Ontario Ave

Powell River  V8A 0Z6

604 485 2402  Email

H & R Block

7061 Duncan St

Powell River, BC V8A 1W1

604 485 4747
Open Mon & Tue 9 - 5:00

Knight Bookkeeping

2064 Victory Rd

Powell River, BC V8A 4Z2
604 487 1984

Lamont & Company
Public Accountant

7050 Barnet St.

Powell River  V8A 2A1
604 485 6641  Email

Lisa's Bookkeeping
& Payroll Services

4697 Marine Ave

Powell River  V8A 2L2

604 485 9444   Email

Meridian Bookkeeping and Tax

Lisa Stretton
604 485 9184   Email
11- 5 weekdays by appointment

Pinch & Reid, Licensed Professional Accountants

Suite D, 7061 Duncan Street

Powell River  V8A 1W1
604 485 9790   Email