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Updated February 8, 2016

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Business listings for log road building, forestry consultants, log sorting companies, logging companies, forest management, forest resource management, environmental practices, forestry systems silviculture, licence management, surveying, mapping

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Engineering, Forest & Logging Management


in Powell River & Texada Island

3 Leaf Contracting

4184 Bowness Ave, Powell River V8A 5S8

604 485 5998

Cell: 483 8049  

Shop: 485 5859

Cameron Logging Ltd.

604 485 5772

Full Scope Falling Tree Service

12128 Scotch Fir Point Road
604 414 9864  

Jepson Mobile Booming & Bundling

2890 Dixon Road

604 487 9300

Kip Brown Trucking

3397 Padgett Rd

604 485 6511

Cell: 483 8023

L & R Excavating Ltd

5156 Manson Ave

Powell River V8A 3P1

604 483 9834

Cell: 414 9189

Out on a Limb Forestry Inc.

604 487 0796

Pilldolla Creek Contracting Ltd.

203-7385 Duncan St

Powell River V8A 4Z2

604 485 2078

Select Safety Services Ltd.

Onsite Health & Safety Services

604 483 1613 - Powell River

250 641 9489 - Terrace

Shearwater Services Ltd

2-4471 Joyce Ave

Powell River V8A 3A8

604 485 9400  

Shaun Gloslee Excavating

7490 Duncan St

Powell River, BC V8A 1W7

Office: 604 585 5458

Cell: 604 414 5455