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Advertising & Promotion

in Powell Riiver & Texada Island

Marketing ConsultantsSigns & Banner Services

Embroidery, Engraving & Promotional Clothing

engravers, marketing, embroidery, transfers, badges, logo’s, trophies, trophy engraving, plaques

Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing Services

Business listings for desktop publishing, marketing, printing, business cards, logos, magazines, newsletters, posters, book covers, brochures, illustrations

Marketing & Project Management Consultants

Business listings for productions, presentations, multi-media, ad campaigns

Signs & Banner Services

Business listings for signage, banners, display, sandwich boards

Embroidery, Engraving

Hosting $6.25/month
Web Design $96/page
Graphic Design $30/hr
Service IS My Business

When graphic artists
get bored.

Graphic Design



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