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View from the ferry
 on the way to Saltery Bay

Marine Related Companies

in Powell River, Texada Island, Lund & Savary Island

Boat Sales & Repair

Business listings for outboard motors, marine parts, marine fuel, boat repair, upholstery

Auto Plus Quality Parts Ltd.

7239 Duncan St

Powell River V8A 1W5

604 485 2387

Open Weekdays 8:30 - 5:3

Greene's Upholstery  

7312 Hwy 101, Powell River

604 414 4090

Guy's Power & Marine

4473 Franklin Ave

Powell River V8A 5B5

604 485 8228  Email   

Weekdays: 9-5  Sat: 10-2

Jack’s Boat Yard

9907 Finn Bay Road

PO Box 198

Lund V0N 2G0

604 483 3566  Email

Koleszar Marine & Power Equipment

4446 Willingdon Ave
Powell River V8A 2M6

604 485 5616

Lund Automotive & Outboard Ltd

1520 Lund Hwy, Lund, BC, V0N 2G0

604 483 4612  Email

Marine Traders (183) Ltd

4446 Willingdon Ave

Powell River V8A 2M6

604 485 4624  Email

Newport Electric

7050 Field St, Powell River, BC V8A 3A4

604 485 0045  

Valley Marine

3407 Padgett Road

604 485 9257

Wilf’s Special-T Shop

6664 Drake St.

(Cranberry, by the park)

Powell River V8A 3X7

604 483 2078

Cell: 414 5468  Email

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