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Art & Craft Supplies & Services

in Powell River

Business listings for quilting, yarn, wool, picture framing, art supplies, cropping

Powell River Fine Arts

An association and fully equipped facility in Townsite where members can enjoy painting, pottery, quilting and weaving.

For more info call

604 483 3856


Town Centre (beside Staples)

604 485 5926

Galena Bay Novelty Fabrics

7217 Glacier St

Powell River V8A 1S2
604 485 4898   
Tue-Sat 11 - 5

Gerry Chabot

Matting & Photography


Great Balls of Wool

4722a Marine Ave

Powell River V8A 2L4

604 485 4859   

Tue-Sat 11-4 ~ Sun 12-4

Knitpickers Yarn Shop

1981 Twin Eagles Road
(Black Point)

604 487 1448   
Open Mon to Sat 10 - 5

Lynda's Quality Ceramics

4617B McLeod Road

Powell River V8A 0T1   

604 485 6462

Open Weekdays 10 - 3 (closed 1 - 2)

Evenings 7 - 10 Mon to Thur ; Sat 1 - 4

Skylight Art Studio & Supplies

4482 Marine Ave
Powell River V8A 2K2

604 413 1452   

Synergy Frame Shop

5848 Ash Ave

Powell River V8A 4R6  

Townsite beside Patricia

604 483 3002   

VIU Bookstore

3960 Selkirk Street
Powell River  V8A 3C5

604 485 8044
Closed May 24 thru September


Town Centre Mall

604 485 9811
Mon-Sat: 9-9; Sun:10-9

Your Dollar Store with More

Crossroads Village, Joyce at Alberni

604 485 8251