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Updated February 8, 2016

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View from the ferry on the way to Saltery Bay

Art Lessons

More Arts & Culture Listings

in Powell River

Dance & MusicPhotography, Film & Other Media Artists

The Nutcracker (7:19)

Kirov Ballet, St. Petersburg

Art Lessons

Business listings for painting lessons, glass art lessons, printmaking instruction

Dance, Music & Media - Classes, Schools & Songwriters

Business listings for music lessons, dance instruction, dance schools, film school, song writers,
recording studio, musical instruments

Photography, Film & Other Media

Business listings for photographers, video, film, digital media and film school.

Vi Isaac

#28-5455 Borden Place, Lakeside Mobile Home Park, Powell River, BC V8A 3W1

604.483.3786  Email


Photography, Film & Other Media

Alicia Baas Photography

604 414 4362  Email

Beauty & Bliss Photography

604 223 3641  Email

Darren Robinson Photography

604 485 4427

Cell: 414 8224  Email

Great Batch Fine Photography

2556 Phillips Rd

Powell River V8A 5C1

604 487 1116

Jeremy Williams Photography

604 487 0717  Email

Mother Nature in Focus

Gerry Chabot 604 487 9100

Moxie Concepts

604 223 1459  Email

P & R Photographic  Services

Tim Poole

604 487 0074  Email

Powell River Digital Film School

Brooks Senior Secondary

5400 Marine Avenue   604 483 3171

Contact: Tony Papa    Email


Giovanni Spezzacatena

604 485 7940  Email

Robert Colasanto   

604 483 4409  Emai  l

Sea Panda Productions

604.223.3154  Email  

Acrylic • Oils • Watercolours
Landscapes • Still Life • People


Quote for Thought

"Choose to be happy, choose to make a positive difference in people's lives and let go of past hurts and above all treat the people you love the best in the best ways...if you do mess up remember each day is a brand new chance to start fresh!" Unknown

Paint The Forest At Sunset With Acrylics

Alfred Muma

Among Friends Studio

2632 Maywood Road

Powell River V8A 4Z2

604 487 1766   Email

Fine Arts Association
Powell River

5395 Timberlane

Powell River V8A 3Y9

604 483 3856   Email

Lynda's Quality Ceramics

4617B McLeod Road

Powell River V8A 0T1   

604 485 6462

Open Weekdays 10 - 3 (closed 1 - 2)

Evenings 7 - 10 Mon to Thur ; Sat 1 - 4

Skylight Art Studio & Supplies

4482 Marine Avenue

Powell River V8A 2K2

604 413 1452   Email

Susan Forsberg

Artists in Action

604 485 0007   Email

Ursula Medley Fine Art

604 487 4579   Email

Academy of Music

7280 Kemano St

Powell River V8A 1M2

604 485 9633   Email

Clansman Pipe Band

Ian Richmond

604 483 9673   Email

Highland Dancers

604 485 6801   Email

Laszlo Tamasik School of Dance

Powell River Academy of Music

7280 Kemano St

Powell River V8A 1M2

604 485 9633   Email

Low Key Studio

5869 Skeena Street

Powell River V8A 4V5

604 483 2296   Email

Rockit Music

6820 Alberni St

Powell River V8A 2B4

604 485 7625

Open Mon to Sat 10 - 5

Saturna Music Publishing

6765 Klahanie Dr

Helena Sandler
604 414 6851  Email

Sheridan Dance Academy

7053 Glacier St, Powell River V8A 5J7

604 414 0700   Email

Star Dusters Square Dance Club

5399 Timberlane Ave (Cranberry)

Gordon Ruedig: 604 487 9565  Email